World leaders help syria

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Iraq bombs meeting of ISIS leaders in Syria, killing 45

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World leaders to talk Syria without Iran, Saudis

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World leaders condemn Donald Trump's 'Muslim ban'

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World leaders warn Russia against escalating conflict in Syria

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America Uninvited: Syria Summit Highlights

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To facilitate the process, appropriate housing and social care facilities must be constructed in the country. Syria united with Egypt in February to form the United Arab Republic.

In Septemberthe two entities separated, and the Syrian Arab Republic was reestablished.

What was Syria like before the war?

In the Arab-Israeli War, Syria lost the Golan Heights region to Israel. Sep 24,  · Watch video · Airstrikes on ISIS in Syria by a coalition make it "clear to the world that this is not America's fight alone," U.S.

President Barack Obama says. The leaders of Turkey, Russia, France and Germany were gathering for a summit Saturday in Istanbul about Syria, hoping to lay the groundwork for eventual peace in a country devastated by years of war. Iraq has launched an air attack on a gathering of ISIS leaders inside neighbouring Syria, killing 45 members of the hard-line militant group, its military said on Saturday.

World leaders condemn Donald Trump's 'Muslim ban' Politicians, rights groups and activists criticise Trump's crackdown on refugees from Muslim-majority countries.

World leaders help syria
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