Configuration management

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Configuration Management

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Configuration management

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Endpoint Management

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Templates usually support agents, loops, and conditionals that can be considered to maximise versatility. Configuration management (CM) is a systems engineering process for establishing and maintaining consistency of a product's performance, functional, and physical attributes with its requirements, design, and operational information throughout its life.

Is configuration management part of change management? Or, is it the other way around? A few months ago, there was an interesting discussion on one of the LinkedIn forum. To provide a forum for the exchange of information which is useful to practitioners of nuclear facility configuration management and to act as the CM Community of Practice for the nuclear industry.

Configuration management solutions model infrastructure, continually monitor and enforce desired configurations and automatically remediate any unexpected changes or configuration drift.

With Puppet's automated configuration management, you eliminate manual work, minimize human error, deploy faster and more reliably. As a broader subject, configuration management (CM) refers to the process of systematically handling changes to a system in a way that allows the system to maintain integrity over time.

In this tutorial, we will discuss how configuration management wo. Project configuration management (PCM) is the collective body of processes, activities, tools and methods project practitioners can use to manage items during the project life cycle.

Configuration management
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