Chiles earthquake

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Chile earthquake: major quake strikes off coast but no tsunami expected

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Chile earthquake: 1 tremor strikes off coast near capital Santiago

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Armero tragedy

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Chile earthquake of 2010

Get all the headlines, pictures, video and analysis on the stories that matter to you. Chile earthquake of Chile earthquake ofthe largest earthquake recorded in the 20th century. Originating off the coast of southern Chile on May 22,the temblor caused substantial damage and loss of life in Chile and—as a result of the tsunamis it generated—in Hawaii, Japan, the Philippines, and other distant coastal areas.

A volcanic ash cloud rises above Chile's Puyehue-Cordon Caulle volcano shortly after its eruption on 4 June Soon after this image was taken, the ash quickly blew eastward towards Argentina.

The latest earthquakes in Chile. Chile has had: (M or greater) 1 earthquake in the past 24 hours 11 earthquakes in the past 7 days. Sep 16,  · A magnitude earthquake strikes off Chile's coast, triggering a tsunami alert and coastal evacuations.

At least three people were killed.

Powerful earthquake shakes southern Chile

Powerful earthquake shakes southern Chile A damaged road is seen after a quake at Tarahuin, on Chiloe island, southern Chile, December 25, REUTERSFounded: Sep 18,

Chiles earthquake
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Powerful earthquake shakes southern Chile - CBS News