An analysis of the treatment of king georges sickness with the help of prime minister william pitt

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The Madness of George III Analysis

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George III of the United Kingdom

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William Pitt, the Elder

Pitt attempts to keep the seriousness of the king’s illness from members of Parliament, thus maintaining the Tory government in place while awaiting the hoped-for recovery.

Charles Fox, a former. William Pitt the Younger () was a British politician who served as Prime Minister on two separate occasions. He is widely regarded as a person who modernized the office of Prime Minister. He made many friends including the more studious future Prime Minister William Pitt.

[19] [20] Despite his lifestyle and lack of interest in studying, he managed to pass his examinations [21] and was awarded a B.A. in and an M.A. in Political party: Independent. On the day, prime minister William Pitt the younger himself came up to Windsor in the morning, and was employed by the physicians in an unsuccessful attempt to persuade the King to cooperate after the latter had refused to leave his bed on being told of the plan.

The King's illness causes huge alarm in political circles. The Prime Minister, William Pitt, knows that if the King is declared insane, his son will become Regent and Pitt's party will be out of office and Charles Fox's party will be in government.

William Pitt in The French & Indian War. BACK; NEXT ; William Pitt (–) was British Secretary of State during the French and Indian War and later served as Prime Minister of Great Britain.

Named secretary of state inPitt resolved to commit whatever resources were necessary to defeat the French in North America and on the European continent.

An analysis of the treatment of king georges sickness with the help of prime minister william pitt
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