An analysis of my personal battle with ants in my house

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Allegory for War in

Walden has not died, and yet now, in the everyday, reasserts its vigor and endurance. "The Battle of the Ants" Analysis Words Apr 26th, 5 Pages Everyone is familiar with the state of armed conflict that is war, and for as long as there has been civilization there has been war.

Xxxxxxx XXXXX XXXXX Battle of the Ants Analysis Henry David Thoreau grew up in Concord, Massachusetts in the mid s. He studied at Harvard beginning My Account/5(1). The story is about government and war and depicted by ants battling to the death.

"The legions of Myrmidons covered all the hills and vales in my wood-yard, and the ground was already strewn with all the dead and dying, both the red and the black," the ants represent humans struggling for.

Battle Of Ants FINAL. No description by Thoreau notices a war between two races of ants, red on one side and black on the other. The ground by his house is covered with the armies of black and red ants, and he compares them to human wars for their determination and heroism.

In "The Battle of the Ants" Thoreau was trying to tell us that. Allegory for War in "Battle of the Ants" by David Thoreau The reading journal that I chose was "Battle of the Ants" by David Thoreau.

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"The Battle of.

An analysis of my personal battle with ants in my house
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